The Most Dangerous Book of Humanity – The Hidden Truth of the Necronomicon

Can a book really be dangerous, in and of itself? We all know about the power of words and the reactions they might incite among people, but this is not a matter of ideology. Necronomicon is a very dark book, which is said to render its reader either mad or dead. Though the notoriety of the book is only through the word of mouth, but those who swear by its’ truth say that the book navigates dangerously between fantasy and the brutal reality of our world.

The Necronomicon covers a variety of taboo subjects, and allegedly has spells and incantations whose power cannot be expressed into mere words. It is also said to have the predictions of future, our world today. The knowledge it contains is said to be so dark and powerful that no one who has read it, has survived long enough to tell about it to the world. The knowledge about the author too is heavily contested, with Arab Abdul, Abu Ali Al-Hasan and Alhazen Ben Joseph being the best three bets.

Anyone who’s a connoisseur of the Gothic would have come across the mention of this book at least one time or the other. It is said that the book has knowledge which is the final link between the world, as we know today, and the supernatural one of a much earlier epoch. There are quite a few organizations, both of the political as well as religious nature which are frantically trying to suppress any information about the book and yet every trail seems to lead to them.

In modern history, Necronomicon was first mentioned in the works of the famed writer of the Supernatural, HP Lovecraft. Although by his admission the Necronomicon is a work of his fantasy and nothing but a figment of his imagination, the things he has let show about the book in his or stories, corresponds eerily with the few facts which are so far known and accepted by the cult.

Not just that, the biography of the American seems to have enough clues and hints to make it possible to again start the trail for this mysterious book. 

As mentioned, the author of this work is not precise, but it is said that it was written in the Middle East, from where it was acquired and translated by the Greco-Roman scholars. The words were then passed down to the European descendants of the conquered and carries to the New world by some unknown figures.

The cult of the quest for Necronomicon is equally dangerous as it is fascinating. There are many who have made it their mission to find the book, but it is not known if any were successful. However it has made many a charlatans fortune with their fake claims of having procured the book and naive investors splurging countless riches in order to finally peep at the great knowledge which is supposed to be buried between its pages. And this is just one other book of dark magic, there are many more which are said to be powerful enough to drag humanity to its ruin.