Chinese Face Map Reveals What’s Wrong With Your Body And How To Fight It

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the face is a very crucial part of our body which can also give indication about the health of our other organs. This craft has been used to diagnose and treat patients for many a millennium and is tried and tested.

The logic behind this practice is that our skin is quite sensitive in the facial region. As a result, when anything is out of the ordinary in any other part of our body, it is very evident on our face as well. Different organs have different part of the face and symptoms associated with it and if you want to know what is what, keep reading.

The connection of the heart and the nose- If you are facing a lot of nose related problems then it means that either bloating, hypertension, pollution, flatulence or poor circulation are to blame. The best way to cure yourself of these troubles is by adopting a healthier lifestyle, keeping your body toxin free and active and incorporating green tea in your routine.

The connection of the small intestine and bladder to the forehead- Breakouts and itching on the surface of your forehead is an indication that your small intestine and the bladder are under too much strain. Too much stress, or sugar, fatty foods and canned foods and consumption of a lot of alcohol can bring about these problems. It is advisable that you sleep enough and drink more water. A balanced diet too is necessary.

The connection between fluctuations in the hormones to chin and mouth- Breakouts on the chin or ulcers in the mouth could be because of a hormonal imbalance in your body. This can happen when you are in a habit of eating food with too much seasoning in it and diet rich in caffeine and salts. It is best for you if you stay away from all these ingredients at least till you start feeling better.

The connection between liver problems and the area in between the eyebrows- When you have trouble between your eyebrows that usually means that something is not quite right with your liver. The kind of food you are eating might be very hard for your stomach to digest and thus the strain on the liver. Exercises, drinking water and trying to boost up the digestive system are your best bets.

The connection between the kidneys and the arch of the eyebrows- Problems on your eyebrows’ arch suggest that your kidneys are being overburdened thanks to a lifestyle which is filled with alcohol, smoking and inappropriate amounts of caffeine. Increase your water intake and avoid these things to heal your kidneys.

The connection of the stomach to the neck and jaw- Tensions in the neck and jaw indicate that something is not up to the mark with your stomach. Again, avoid fatty and processed foods and too much caffeine. Also try to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

The connection between kidneys and lungs to the cheeks- The skin of your cheeks gets affected when you are under a lot of stress and/or consuming too much sugar. Unhealthy diet is the number one enemy of a good flawless skin. If you look after your diet and make sure you are drinking enough water, you will never need expensive products to make your skin look good.

The connection of the lungs to the lower cheeks- If your lungs are not healthy that means pollution and excessive smoking are to be blamed. Try giving up smoking altogether and reduce your time in the company of other smokers. Also try spending time in some greener areas with less pollution.