Students Experiment Revealed Probably The Biggest Silent Killer Of Our Time

We live in a world that is getting smaller with every passing moment. Technological advances have given us devices that allow us to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any given time. However, the adage, ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’, applies here as well. Our dependence on technology is affecting us more than we realize.

A study done by a group of high school students in their biology class has produced results that are now being discussed by scientists all across Europe. Five girls realized that they were having a lot of difficulty staying attentive during their classes and decided to find out why.

Lea Nielsen, a student involved in the study, stated that the students who went to sleep keeping their phone close to their pillows were struggling to concentrate during classes. Some noticed that they also had trouble going to sleep when they wanted to.

So the students began a study that would check whether Wi-Fi was the culprit behind all these difficulties. The girls used 400 cress seed which they divided between 12 storage units. The storage units were all placed in one room and they ensured that all the units had the same level of water in them. Six units were kept close to a modem emitting radiation similar to that of a normal smart phone.

A little less than two weeks later, when the students checked the units, they were shocked by what they saw. The seeds that had been placed at a distance from the modem were developing in a healthy manner and had turned green as they should have. But the seeds placed close to the modem were the complete opposite.

The students were shocked when they saw that most of the seeds which had been placed close to the modem had not grown in the least. They had died or were showing signs of mutation. Lea said that the results scared all of them because they did not realize that the radiation would affect the seeds so drastically.

They reached the conclusion that the radiation emitted by Wi-Fi puts all of us at the risk of exposure to substances that are extremely detrimental for our well-being. After their study, all the students handled their phones cautiously. They no longer place their phones at their bedside before they sleep. They are kept at the other end of the room or even in the next room. All PCs and laptops are turned off at night.

Their experiment has had far-reaching results with accolades pouring in from many respected institutes. One such accolade came from Olle Johansson, a well known professor from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, who was greatly impressed by the brilliance shown by the students who conducted the study. He has now put together a group in order to conduct the study again so that they may take a closer look at the results.

Professor Johansson was effusive in his praise and said that the students did not try to overstep the bounds of their learning. They used their knowledge well and created an experiment that was skilful in its implementation and impressive in its elegance. They were extremely detailed and accurate, and their choice of cress only emphasizes their intelligence. He hopes that they will continue their research in the future and put their talent to good use. He even went on to state that he’d like to work with these students one day.

As readers, we also have the responsibility of making use of the knowledge we have gained from this simple experiment. It’s time to reconsider our dependence on technology and allow ourselves space to stay disconnected.