5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

When privacy becomes absent, problems crop up. They could be financial, familial, or personal. Life has always been about keeping confidences, and maintaining one’s integrity. A head held high, that’s what one aspires, throughout their life. That is only possible, when someone keeps silent about certain things that might spell disaster to one’s life, fortunes, or family. It is integral to one’s existence that they know what to not say, when in a social gathering, for even the walls have ears.

  1. What happens in a family, stays in a family.

The first rule of Fight Club states that one must not talk about Fight Club. Similarly, mentioning any problems that the family is facing, to peers, or people that ARE not family would inevitably create more problems for your family. If there is a problem, the best method to solve it would be behind closed doors, with only the ones that are involved, and those who matter. There is no joy that would come out of beating your drum in the market.

  1. Your Aspirations.

Sharing your dreams and your aspirations with people is never a good idea, unless you trust them with your life. You never know when one might steal your life’s ambitions and make them yours. Your struggles, hardships, desires, should only be shared with someone who is your soul mate, but not with everyone else. A loose mouth and all your life’s work would come crashing down.

  1. Your conscience.

One must never disclose their conscience to other people. What one feels, thinks, dreams, imagines should be kept under wraps, throughout one’s life. Disclosing your deepest secrets to someone gives them a lot of power over you, and they can wield it as they like. Baring out your soul to someone who turns out treacherous is the worst thing that can happen to someone. It breaks someone from inside, never letting them trust someone ever again.

  1. Your Opinions.

This is a slightly tricky ball game. While it is important to share one’s opinion, for it is your birthright, there is a time and place for everything. Shouting out Anti-Christian sentiments at a church, or Anti-Hindu slogans at a Temple would lead to several controversial incidents that could be easily avoided through common sense. Also, certain thoughts about topics that might be considered taboo would be dangerous for you. It is best to keep silent.

  1. Charity.

‘The right arm shouldn’t know what the left is doing.’ In a world of Instagram and Facebook, people are over enthusiastic about highlighting their life on a public sphere. While that is fine up to a certain level, when someone publicizes their charitable donations, it completely destroys the purpose of charity. If Charity is done to show people the goodness in your heart, it completely acts opposite for it shows the treachery in you.

One’s life is their own and it is irrational for an outsider to decide what you should do, for your happiness and well-being depends on your actions. The above points serve as mere guidelines, foundation stones, upon which you can safely build a life.