20 Facts About the World That Will Surprise Even the Most Intelligent People

Technology has provided us with the weapons to attain knowledge at the speed of light. While that has certainly improved the IQ of humans throughout the globe, there still is a vast expanse of knowledge that, albeit not complex, still manage to surprise even the most well-read humans. Earth always has a step on us, and it reminds us every moment we live.

1.The amount of electric current required to charge our phones is so minimal, that the annual expense would lead to below $1.

2.Tap water condenses to form white ice; Boiled water forms transparent ones.

3.Although microbiology has progressed in leaps and bounds, most, in fact, 99% of the microbes inside an individual remain unrecognized.

4.Weirdly, the Spanish term for both ‘handcuff’ and ‘wives’ is ‘esposas’.

5.A headless chicken flutters for a few seconds, before giving in, but a cockroach can live without its head for a few weeks, before giving in to starvation.

6.Metallurgists would profit greatly knowing that differences between real and fake diamonds can be found just by breathing on them. The real ones would remain clear, whereas the fake ones would get cloudy.

7.The Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin decided that movement in his office would be more efficient if he set wheels in his chair. Fitting that someone who would understand would evolution would derive something from the first modern man- the wheel.

8.Even though a fully recognized state of USA, Hawaiin language consists of just the letters A,E,I,O,U,H,K,L,M,N,P, and W.

9.Honey never rots, or gets decayed. Justified if you consider the amount of work bees put in for a little dollop of honey.

10.It is extremely disheartening to note that just 1% of the world’s gold is found on the surface. The rest is present in the core, with a temperature of above 6000 degrees Celsius.

11.The first Moon landing was in 1969, which took less computing and technological input than the first Gameboy, launched in 1989.

12.Biopower is an essential component of Foucault’s ideologies. But, it is possible that he never considered that the average human is equal to 30 Hydrogen bombs, or 7 Quintillion Joules of potential energy.

13.The world’s largest mammal, the Blue Whale can gulp and store in water equal to its own weight in its mouth.

14.One of several rodents that reside in sewers, a naked mole can withstand cancerous cells, and live without Oxygen.

15.Beware of falling objects! Some might be meteorites, but space waste like parts of a space shuttle, wires etc, too fall to the world’s surface daily.

16.Dolphins have names for through which others communicate. So, don’t be surprised if you call out ‘Michael’, and a dolphin jumps out of water.

17.Marine biology is a dubious venture, for things appear to be what they are not. The starfish, for example is not a fish but an urchin. Killer whales, on the other hand, are dolphins, and not whales.

18.Look through any dictionary, and you would find the word ‘set’ with pages upon pages of definition.

19.Shark attacks are frequent in seaside communities, yet it is a logistical fact that vending machine kills more.

20.We have much more in common with snakes than we let on. Like them, we shed our exterior skin monthly.

There are several other facts that haven’t been mentioned, or we simply don’t know about them. As humans, it is our responsibility to widen our horizons and question everything. But, we would never be able to grasp the Earth in its entirety.