The First Image You See Determines The Hidden Flaws of Your Personality That Hold You Back In Life

First impressions last. Even though opinions might change over time, the first glance never fades out. The first sight, tells us a lot, without going too deep. It highlights someone’s thought process, and the way someone’s brain works. Mostly used in Rorschach Test, it is used to find someone’s personality, and determines the way one thinks. Considered fake, by skeptics, the true judgment of its value can only be found by people who have taken the test. Look at the image carefully, and find out!

On the basis of what you saw, here are the four possible findings, alluding to the kind of personality you have.

  • Tree

The most common finding, the tree is constructed at the centre of the image, and would attract a lot of people. It symbolizes a life without risks, with both its pros and cons. Sensible, critical, and rational, you follow your head, more than your heart. It limits the boundaries of your expectations, and prevents you from socializing with people, but you can’t really get the roses without its thorns.

This brings out the slightly depressing thought of you never hitting the extra mark, simply because you’re so assured of your failure, courtesy of the several calculated and informed decisions you took, that you don’t even give trying a second though.

You don’t believe in doing thing at the spur of the moment, thus limiting the impact it could have on your life, and are so busy guiding others, you forget about your own life.

  • Gorilla

This image is seen by a few individuals, who are said to have issues regarding their self, and a slightly opinionated outlook towards life.

You are never satisfied with your lot in life, and are constantly critical of the way you look, behave, work, and exist as a human. You overgeneralize your failure; considering every other action post one unsuccessful one, to fail, and discounting every other success you enjoyed.

You’re always flooded to the head with work, even when it’s time for you to go to roost. Knowledge is power, and you believe in it. But, be careful before coming as a know-it-all, which no one likes, or appreciates. A wise man is wise, because he is silent.

Robert Frost talks about a road in the woods that divulged into two, stating that one problem might have two solutions. Just because you feel your is correct, doesn’t mean the other is wrong.

  • Lion

As the picture suggests, you are the king of the jungle, unwilling to be tamed. Fierce, wild, independent, you do as you please, and no one has the guts to stand in your way.

Instinctive, and impulsive are your middle names, and you act first, ask questions later. You regret the consequences your actions might have brought forth, but then you continue doing what you feel like.

Free of the obligations that society places on us; you sometimes hurt people because you’re often oblivious to their emotions. A decent human being inside, you need to introspect, but you would rather spend your time on other projects. That makes you successful, but you manage to push people away.

  • Fish

You are extremely comfortable, and at ease with whatever you are doing, without highlighting it to everyone in sight. An expert of camouflage, you don’t come out of your shell, until you find someone special, even then, it takes you time.

You are a nature lover, and love the solitude it provides. Love, care and respect for all is your go-to motto, and you full-heartedly commit to it, for you know, every action has an equal reaction.