Empath Is Always Trying To Hide These Things From You

Who is an empath? The Oxford English Dictionary considers an empath to be as ‘someone with the ability to understand and share the feeling of others’. Basically, anyone who can understand your feelings even without knowing you, someone who has a spiritual connection with every human he/she comes across, and someone who can control and wield your emotions when their desires suit them, is an empath. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

The catch is, most empaths don’t use their ability in a bad manner, in fact, most don’t want to be identified as one, because they feel they would be considered a freak of nature, and the real life version of the X-Men. After careful observation, and detailed study, here are the 8 ways through which one can be identified:

If you see someone who is slightly more responsive or receptive than the rest of the population, there could be a high possibility that said individual is an empath. They may try to camouflage their responses so as to not scare away the crowd, so one has to be a keen observer to notice that.

  • They bring all sensations into themselves.

Think of a person who would suck on the happy to be happy themselves, without harming the other individual, and be sad inadvertently when the other person is sad. They have no ‘off’ button to this, it is a curse; they have to bear forever. The sensation of being one with a person they have no connection with.

Wanting to be alone, needing to be alone is something all empaths want. Imagine a loud speaker playing by your ear every single hour. At one point, you would get up and leave that place. Similarly, empaths need to be alone, to clear their thoughts and empty their head, because the voices in their head would eat them up.

  • Nature lovers.

All empaths are nature lovers. The peace, the solitude, the empty spaces, fills an empath’s heart with joy. The serenity in the ambience works as an energy drink for the empath, who get ready to focus on the next day’s torture. Outdoors is all about positivity, and an empath needs optimism as much as he can.

  • They always understand when they are lied to.

The science behind this is extremely fascinating. A lie detector works on a person’s emotions, and heartbeat, and when someone lies, they undergo a change in their emotions, hence increasing the heartbeat, allowing the lie detector to catch on. Similarly, an empath, who is already in touch with the other individual’s emotions, can easily grasp it.

  • Great lovers.

Unsurprisingly, empaths are amazing lovers, since they are so much in control of their emotions and able to understand the emotions of their partners. This allows them to co-exist peacefully, eliminating the possibility of dispute, and arguments. They also understand when their actions are hurting their partner, and are able to express themselves perfectly.

  • Easily beguiled.

Although an empath can wield someone’s emotions as their weapon, a deceitful individual can manipulate, or beguile an empath too. That is much easier, as an empath will latch onto your emotions, and believe them to be true, thereby placing them in a situation, where they can be taken advantage of.

  • ‘My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think.’

This line from Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Stressed out’ perfectly sums up the life of an empath, and how much stress they take up on themselves. Apart from being a human antenna, they also want to please people, simply because someone else being sad would make them sad.

Remember, that a hidden empath is for a reason. Don’t share it with people unless the empath is comfortable. It’s their life, after all.