3 Steps That Changed This Man’s Life – Drops 176 Pounds In Less Than a Year

One can make a fortune on social media by broadcasting their transformation from either skinny to buffed, or fat, to fit. While some of them may be a sham, some are real. But, instead of praising the transformation or criticizing it immediately, it is very important for a person to wonder, how all could that happen.

It is unsurprising, that such a change would take place in a day, and must need months and months of hard work, with one goal in mind. Admire their body, but also respect their efforts. Half of the work that goes on happens in the brain.

This American, from Wichita, Texas, decided to prove the world, and his bullies, that he could do something in his life. And, so he did.

Andy Albertson used to weigh 317 pounds when he was in school, and as it is with every child across the world, fat-shaming was the norm. He was bullied, so much that he finally decided that the water had risen above his head, and something needed to be done. What is more surprising is the fact that he was athletic, and this was all due to a bad diet.

After joining a gym, he started focusing initially on the cardio portions, and noticed several changes, due to the muscles not used to such an immense blood flow. He found a severe fat loss, and some waist, as he decided to not let go, and fight against all odds.

He got himself a personal trainer, and despite a mental block, which slowed down his progress, he continued his uphill task. His trainer, Jerry Hughes, helped him a great deal, and he still owes his success to him.

When he was several inches and pounds lighter, he hit his second snag; another mental bloc, threatening to pour water on all his efforts. He felt, he was done for. There was nothing left for him, but he recalled all the insults that he had to face, and decided to struggle harder, including weight training in his routine. Finally, he achieved his goal by a 5k run, which was unheard of, from him before. He showed us what could be done if we put our minds to it, and no obstacles could shake his resolve. Even if he hit several blocks on the way, that too shall pass.

But how? Inspiration can only be gained if every aspect of a particular event is highlighted. How did he gain the motivation, the training, and the dedication to do so? He nominates it to:


Calculating, analyzing, memorizing, all formed a part of his struggle. Researching the nutritional value of food, as a part of his diet, finding which food was better suited, and if he needed supplements. Not striving away from the path when no alternatives are present, but looking on, all formed his research. He would eat out, but check if his calorie intake would be able to handle it.


You can’t do it alone. You need a backbone that would support you even in your darkest nights; someone who would do anything for you so that you achieve your goal. For Andy, it was his mother, Mary, who replicated her son’s diet and fitness regime, so that he didn’t feel lonely or awkward.


The most important of the lot, trying is essential for achieving your goal, for unless you try, you wouldn’t succeed. Go that extra mile, run that extra lap, jump that extra inch. Andy tried out different exercises every day, without fail, because he knew, that if he didn’t, he would be the sole sufferer. He had on himself this notion of a bleak future, but this was banished forever, due to his motivation and devotion.