This Is Why Women Leave Men They Love – 6 Reasons Every Man Need To Know

Relationships can be hard to maintain if both the partners aren’t fully committed to it. The reasons could be varied, and they can crop up at any time. But, it has been seen that women leave the man they love, more than men do. The reasons, again, can be varied.

Just blaming the women of being disloyal would be unjust, and would negate the entire concept of a relationship, which is based on love, trust and care. It is essential, that the partners talk to each other, communicate freely, for that is what forms the base of this relationship. The struggle is real, and losing would spell disaster.

Why do women leave men, though? Let’s find out.

1. No Common Ground

Relationships end a lot of times because the partners involved do not have anything in common with each other, leading to awkwardness all around. Where the silence prevailing before was soothing, and companionable, the silence now is awkward, and tense. The man and the woman are grasping at straws trying to find something that would bring them both closer, failing which, they leave.

2. “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez helped us understand the importance of communication. Deep, meaningful conversations, which are infused with love, and care, are very important. Just a “How are you?” would be weird, formal, and not at all helping the conversation, or the relationship. Communication is your hammer to break down walls. If the hammer is rusty, it is better to leave that place.

3. “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Sex is important. Talking about it, doing it, thinking about it, bringing in different kinks the other might have, that’s the key. If you are not having sex, when you used to be jumping the bed just a month back, then you have to address the elephant in the room. Clear it out, and then start the didgeri-doo. Or, it is better to go your separate ways, if things don’t work out.

4. Privacy

Yes, you are in love. Yes, you are in a relationship. Yes, she has access to your house, your car, your social media accounts. Wait, what? There lies the problem. Human beings are born independent. Why do you want to encroach upon someone’s privacy, no matter how close they are to you? This is inhumane, for you are not just infringing upon someone’s Right to Privacy, you are no better than a stalker. I think, it is time, you address that.

5. Insecurity

Damn, why is she talking to that guy? Don’t do this. Be secure, and sure in your own skin. If you can’t be confident in your own capabilities, you are making her doubt her choice too, and trust me, no one wants to be wrong. She would sooner cut you off from her life, than think that she made a mistake, and in my opinion, can you blame her?

6. Truth, and Nothing But the Truth.

What is the truth? There are no absolutes. Truth is what you want it to be. Yet, there must be a common truth which a couple must share. That involves a healthy amount of trust and respect, that the other person wouldn’t lie, or rather the belief that he/she wouldn’t lie. Simply put, if your partner lies, what is the point in anything at all? If there is no guarantee to their words, how can you justify their actions? Honestly, you can’t. It is pathetic, cruel, and downright ridiculous to lie to someone you have sworn to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.