Strong Women Are Often The Most Insecure, Here Is Why

Strong women are those who will not compromise on their values. They know what is good for them and what is not, and they will make sure that the latter doesn’t touch them. This is why she will never tolerate people who spread toxicity.

People think try to bring her down by accusing her of having standards which are too high and mighty, whereas in reality she is just putting her own wellness first. That is why she doesn’t have any time for a guy who does not value her and disrespects her. She will not give others the power to bring her down.

And she expects the same high standards from her own self as well. She knows that she has the potential to reach great heights, and so she will make sure that she is doing everything that is needed to be there. But she is just human. And she also has her ups and downs. But she’s very hard on herself on the days when she hasn’t performed up to her high standards.

She gets insecure when she doesn’t feel that her progress is corresponding to the goals she wants to reach. Nothing will ever be enough for her. Because she would always find ways in which she could have done better and achieved more. She will never be satisfied and thus never stagnant.

Because she expects so much of herself, she also gets scared easily. She gets terrified when she is not able to register her progress as worthy enough. She works so hard in checking off all the boxes on her to do lists and yet she is scared that she is lacking somewhere.

But she never lets these insecurities become visible. She has become a master in hiding her fears deep within herself so that her friends and closed ones don’t get a clue of how scared she really is. Sadly, this also means that they cannot tell her how well she is doing.

When she is feeling defeated and anguished, a word of encouragement from one of her friends would mean the world to her and give her the strength to keep going on. But they have no clue that she needs any such reminder. Because they get the impression that she has it all under control and therefore they don’t need to explicitly tell her how wonderful she is.

And these friends are the luckiest souls in the world really. Because she is very selective, those people whom she does call her own have all her love and attention. She will go to any lengths to make them feel happy and loved. She does everything for them so that they know how valued they are. She takes care of her parents, her boyfriend and her friends. All their likes and dislikes are known to her. But it can be so tiring to look after so many people and then herself. No wonder she feels drained.

And yet she never gives up. She gives without restrain and yet somehow find it within herself to have the energy to go after her goals as well. She doesn’t let her insecurities hold her back. Yes they get to her, but they don’t stop her from striving to be the best version of herself.

That’s why she keeps at it even when success is not guaranteed. And her perseverance is the reason why she will ultimately succeed. She knows what her limits are and she will keep working at it till she has transcended them. She will never be satisfied with the mediocre because she knows she is worthy of the best. And she will work hard till she gets it.