5 Signs That You Are Dealing With A Sociopath – Here’s How To Recognize Them

This is a term that came to recent fame yet again thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock using it quite frequently. A sociopath is someone who is very obviously different: someone whose behaviour can be labelled as anti-social in certain situations. Think about it in the context of Sherlock itself if that helps.

The thing they share with narcissists, is that they have a constant hankering for attention and adoration. This remains constant even if they don’t deserve said attention and adoration. They will be constantly try to make themselves the central focal point of the conversation going on in the room.

They don’t have the subtle humane qualities that makes us human: remorse, guilt, shame and love or affection. Their hearts are like black holes feeding off of others’ emotions which they use to exalt themselves.

Sociopaths are people you never want prolonged relationships with; this is because they tend to slowly gnaw at you and feed off your humanity. And believe us; they will try to rope you in, into their trap. The only way out is to recognise them from afar and run before the time runs out. Here are 5 very non-subtle signs that mean the person is sociopath:

1. Compulsive lying

They just have to lie. They have to. They need to lie because that’s how they lure their victims in. They need to lie to make sure people don’t see them for what they are. That’s the only way they can ensure their fuel supply: human emotion and humane love.

2. Provocative behaviour

They will be inciting and provocative, bringing out the worst of your behaviour. This has a specific reason however. They will do so, so that you lose your calm and say something rude to them: this they can and will use against you for a long, long time, continually blaming you for losing your temper once.

3. Making others fight

They thrive on conflict: they love people tearing each other apart. As a result you will find them doing this very often. It’s also called polarising: they will intentionally bring up something that they know will cause an argument in a social situation. After two or more other parties start fighting over this issue, they will slowly recede into the darkness and enjoy them fight.

4. “Gaslighting”

This is very common among people with narcissistic disorder as well; like we said, sociopathy and narcissism overlap on many counts. Gaslighting is basically making someone doubting their own sanity by blatantly denying having done something. This is an extension of pathological lying.

5. Desensitisation of others

When you start seeing such behaviour over a long and extended period of time, you will invariably start getting used to it; that is the human nature. Once you do, they start with fresher and more powerful assaults.