9 Ways Women Unknowingly Make Themselves Unattractive To Men

When it comes to attracting men, certain things work. Flirting could be Okay for most of the men but in an effort to impress the opposite sex, women do things that men don’t like at all. You think it will be attracting a man but it could have opposite effects. And the worst point is you don’t realize it. Let it be playing with hair of your partner, showing overconfidence or having poor personal hygiene- these are the things men find unattractive in every woman.

1. Putting Too Much Makeup
Most of the women like putting on too much makeup. The idea behind is not to please men but they do for their own satisfaction. But believe me, men find this thing too offensive and they don’t want to see any woman in too much makeup. Rather men prefer women who are simple and look natural. So ladies, avoid using makeup every time because this is not going to work for most men.

2. Poor Personal Hygiene
Regardless of gender, this is something everyone should take care of. When you are in a poor state of health, people around hate this and they wish you could have maintained your health. So is the case when it comes to the ladies. Men really like women who take great care of their health.

3. Being Way Too Arrogant
When women forget the difference between being proud and arrogant, they create problems for themselves. You should, of course, be proud of your achievement and accomplishments but taking it to the level of arrogance is what men really hate. It pisses off men when they see a woman being arrogant. We hope you ladies are going to take care of this thing.

4. When Women Fail To Lead The Conversation
This could not be a case with every woman but sometimes it happens. Normally, women take pride in leading the conversation and keep it up for hours but if a long conversation is not your cup of tea, you are in trouble. Hardly would any man prefer a woman who likes small talks. And not getting into healthy and long conversations end up the interest of men in women.

5. Criticising Your Ex
ALL guys don’t like it when a woman talks about her ex. We know all the women have expectations and they are not done with their old boyfriends/partners. But criticising your ex all the time when you are with your new man makes your unattractive. This also shows your bad habit of criticising and attachment to the past.

6. Doing Annoying Drama
Believe me, every man finds it way too offensive when women create drama and keep talking about one thing. This beyond any doubt goes both ways. However, those little wacky attributes of women like that snicker of a chuckle or your undesirable silliness truly act as a burden sometimes on men.

7. Way Too Demanding
If you don’t know, let me tell you that being too clingy and sticking to your demands turn make you unattractive for men. When you are in a relationship, this goes unsaid that you must be careful about your demands. Consider the mood of your man and remind him that you need a necklace, for example- in a simple and easy way.

8. Not Listing To Anyone
This is something every girl does. You must understand this makes you an idiot when you pretend to know everything and don’t listen to others. Everyone has self-respect and they want to be heard carefully. So if you are this kind of a woman who listens to no one, remember it turns your man off.

9. Short Temper
No one likes a woman who loses her shit when it comes to critical situations and starts cursing and abusing people. So stay calm and try to keep your shit together when it comes to a fight.

Furthermore, not the great kind. This is the sort of lady who’ll break stuff in your house just since she couldn’t have her way. This is the ugliest attribute in a lady. And that’s really unattractive.

source viralrockets