Our Climate Is Changing And These Photos Prove That

Sidney Sheldon, are you listening?

The pictures released are no less than frightening. Man is meddling with nature, and we know that this has only one outcome. No, not ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’. I mean, an apocalypse, the possible end of humanity. Very heavy metallic waste excreted from spacecrafts are modulated by strong radio signaling. There are innumerable hot-spots for these activities. Some of these radiations even lead to the formation of square-shaped clouds.

This activity, is endangering the lives on Earth, whether human or not. This is a widespread emergency and needs to be addressed immediately.

How The Hurricane Systems Have Been Meddled With

Eighty five percent of hurricanes that find their way into the United States, have their origin in Africa. This place is notorious for such engineering. In order to surpass the legal consequences or international blame, they often blame it on the “dust”. There is zero ownership and no follow-up in such dangerous cases.

An article by the media agency FOX spoke about how Mexico, and certain portions of the Caribbean are experiencing a rise in their temperature levels. This is very different to what their median standards have previously reported. It is higher than the average temperature of the ocean, which would help in tropic development, under usual circumstances. However, in this case, we see that the heavy percentage of dust and dry air filling into the atmosphere, have successfully finished off the storms even before they get a chance to form properly.

Sometimes, it might feel like a blessing. This power presented to mankind might seem something divine, and very helpful for us to rule this planet. But it has very severe negative consequences. As is true with any source of power, corruption has seeped into this as well. Engineers, upon command, are using their knowledge to direct these destructive natural forces towards certain areas. This propaganda is on a massively destructive level since they are using the original brute force of Nature, which could lead to the annihilation of the human race.

Hurricane Matthew is a perfect example of a climate battle. Pictures prove that there are mysterious “gravity waves” around this hurricane. But it is hard to believe that is what they are in actuality. The recurrent pattern is highly discernible and fools nobody. Its ninety degrees shift could not have been naturally achieved. Some foul force was obviously under play.

Such heavy spraying is common in association with manipulated climate graphs. Strange cloud-formations happen solely because of human involvement and their schemes.

The ninety degrees turn through the aerosolized cloud formation is nothing other than engineered. It has been highly manipulated and influenced. There have been several mysterious and never-before-seen patterns of clouds over the Lake Superior area.

It has been nearly sixty-five years of human being playing with natural forces. Such manipulation is not, and will never be received politely by the planet. It may not be apparent, but we’re all paying a price for such toxic propaganda. The engineers are now attempting to sort through their own mess, using their own technology to undo the harm.

The radio waves are several distressing for our own bodies, including what it does to our brain. It is up to you to take a stand for the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you. The ones in power should know that we have not sold our soul. Ultimately, it all comes down to we, the people. If we do not speak out against this, we cannot expect others to. Don’t let this atrocity go on. Stand your ground.