These Before And After Images From NASA Show The Catastrophic Effects Of Climate Change

As hard as it is to believe, some people still think that climate change is made-up. Whether this is living in denial, or they are really, really stupid, it’s bad either way. Well, I don’t know about them but it’s real enough for me, and it will get pretty real pretty soon once you’ve had a look at exactly how dramatically things have changed, whether in 5 years or 50. Here’s a look at some of the before and after photos released by NASA that show exactly how much and how rapidly the climate is changing.

Pedersen Glacier in Alaska. Summer of 1917 and 2005- Glaciers are not supposed to look like grasslands. Period. There should have been so much more ice.

Aral Sea in Central Asia. From August in 2000 and then in 2014. The lake has shrunk so much in size because the water was redirected by the government, way past the point it could sustainably replenish itself.

Lake Oroville in California. July 2010 and August, 2016. Another water body which has turned into a dried up version of its former self. You can also see how the vegetation has been affected.

Carroll Glacier, also in Alaska. August, 1906 and then September, 2003. Another glacier which has been turned into a flimsy layer of water and dry ground.

Powell Lake, Arizona and Utah. From March, 1999 and May, 2014. It has been nearly dried out in the span of less than 20 years. At this rate we will soon run out of drinkable water. But wait, everyone already knew that, right?

Bear Glacier, Alaska. From July, 1909 and August, 2005. Glaciers are supposed to be ice Giants moving super slowly over the land. Sadly most of the glaciers now look just like a lake in the English countryside.

Forests in Rondonia, Brazil. From June, 1975 and August, 2009. Deforestation is real and it is turning green land into barren stretch of dust. Don’t believe me, see the pictures.

McCarty Glacier, Alaska. From July, 1909 and August, 2004. Mountains and Lake Water; that’s all we have left of this glacier.

The Dasht River, Pakistan. From August, 1999 and June, 2011. Slightly positive form of human intervention. The Mirani Dam has been utilizing the excess waters during flooding season to help the people living nearby.

Matterhorn Mountain in the Alps (on the border between Switzerland and Italy). From August of 1960 and 2005. Even Giants like the Matterhorn can’t retain their majestic glory. Now that the ice is melting we can see the ground underneath.

Mabira Forest, Uganda. From November, 2001 and January, 2006. Another positive intervention. This forest has increased in area ever since it was taken under protection by the government.

Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. From June, 1909 and September, 2000. The Glacier has completely changed and there is not even a bit of ice left.

Great Man-Made River, Libya. From April of 1987 and 2010. The name and the picture say it all.

Qori Kalis Glacier, Peru. From July of 1978 and 2011. More than half the ice has melted between these two pictures.

Mar Chiquita Lake, Argentina. From July, 1998 and September, 2011. Another lake which is rapidly decreasing in size.

Muir Glacier in Alaska. From August of 1941 and, 2004. All the ice is gone and the scenery has completely changed.

Uruguay Forests in March, 1975 and February, 2009. Another modern day miracle. The area of this forest has been successfully expanded to the benefit of diversity in Flora and fauna.