True Love: Man Spends 2 Years Planting a Glorious Garden To Make His Blind Wife Smile Again

Japan’s sakura blossoms are famous; from screensavers to wallpapers, everyone knows of the flaky, fragrant cherry blossoms that fill the trees around spring. People flock to see them and picnic crowds can size in the thousands.

Image credits: Shintomi Machiyakuba

But people in Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture come to visit another miraculous spectacle of flowers: the best part, the beautiful story behind it.

Image credits: Youtube

The Kuroki couple were a happy couple, who are married for more than six decades now. They worked as dairy farmers in Japan’s Shintomi. The couple had big dreams about touring the rural regions of Japan after they retire.

Image credits: Shintomi Machiyakuba

The time came, but tragedy struck. Thirty years after their marriage, right when they had decided to retire, Mrs Kuroki, lost her eyesight to complication resulting from diabetes.

And these things come with even greater mental trauma. She slipped into depression and started to withdraw from her life.

We live in an age of break-ups and hook-ups; they didn’t.

Mr Kuroki couldn’t just let his wife go. He did the most beautiful thing imaginable; in fact it is quite hard to imagine now that I think about it.

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Man is a social animal who thrives on company; in the hope to get visitors to their home, he started planting moss phlox blossoms or shibazakura flowers around their home. The fragrance would be an added benefit he thought as it would make her happy too.

And he kept planting them. For two whole years.

Today, he has over 7000 visitors a day, during the peak of the flower season.

The flowers, bright violet in color form a marvelous carpet all over the farm and are quite the sight to behold.

And Mr Kuroki was right; today his wife is seen sporting the broadest smile and walking among the flowers. She is as much of a tourist attraction herself as the flowers are.

People take time to talk to her and walk with her in her own personal Eden.

We wish the beautiful couple all the happiness in the world.