7 Unique Signs Your Personality Is So Strong It May Scares Others

People with strong personalities often get misunderstood. They are judged to be people who are dominating and rude. When in reality, they’re actually very warm people with kind hearts.

Strong personalities and domineering personalities are sometimes confused. Such bossy people never admit their mistakes even when they know they’re wrong. And strong personalities do not tolerate anyone being wrong. They believe in the fact that people are responsible for their own words or actions. Thus, a strong personality gets a bad name, thanks to the controlling people.

These misconceptions lead to a sad reality. Some people might be intimidated by your strong personality. And you know why? Because they don’t know the real you. They don’t understand how a person can be so confident without outside approval.

But how will you know if yours is a strong personality too?

Check out these 7 signs to find out.

1. You can’t bear excuses.

You’re actually very optimistic. You like analyzing the can-do’s than make excuses. So, you can’t stand it when people give lame excuses about how the job is too hard to accomplish for example. Instead of thinking what can’t be done, shouldn’t people just focus on things that can be done?

2. Small talk is not your thing.

For you, small talk equals to waste of time and energy. How will news of which guy’s dating who or, which movie star broke her arm help you in any way? You feel time can be used for more worthwhile subjects to discuss, like maybe world peace?

3. You avoid ignorant and insensitive people.

Strong personalities are mindful and understanding. Whereas, domineering people are ignorant about most subjects and don’t think before speaking. You’ve spent a lot of time to build your brain with thoughtfulness. It’s annoying to you when people just blurt things out without thinking. It shows their insensitivity and ignorance.

4. You’re a listener.

Of course, this sounds like an amazing quality. But what most people don’t know is how difficult it is for you to listen and give your honest advice on that matter. You’re used to having your own set of rules. So, you’re afraid if that person will be able to accept your opinions or not.

5. You’re not an attention seeker.

Most people misjudge you to think you crave attention from everyone all the time. But, the scenario is different. Your personality is so charming and magnetic that people are drawn to you. They love how open and honest you are. You socialize because people love being around you.

6. You’re brave.

You are afraid of a few things, but those differ from the fears of others. Your fears don’t decide the way you live your life.

7. Your insecurities show you the chances of betterment.

Nobody is perfect. We’re all insecure about something. But for people like you, insecurities are not discouraging. You see them as opportunities to grow, to improve. You go on learning and developing yourself, to become more confident.

Could you relate to these signs? If you did, there’s one thing you have to accept. There are always going to be some people who will dislike you. They won’t be able to see who you truly are. You might be intimidating and challenging for them to be around. That’s because you always want to bring out the best versions of the people around you.