Here’s Why Doctors Are Recommending Parents To Save Their Kid’s Baby Teeth

When kids start losing their teeth one by one, at first, they hate the idea of it. But once they are introduced to the happy little tooth fairy, they sleep with the fallen tooth under their pillows with utter excitement.

Parents everywhere have taken the role of that tooth fairy. They’ve secretly kept a dollar underneath the pillow for the kid to wake up to. But what happens to that fallen tooth?

Some parents keep them safe as a memory of their kid’s childhood. But many of these baby teeth are thrown into the trash.To be honest, what use does it have anyway?

It does, and it’s truly fascinating.

According to a 2003 research study, a fallen baby tooth is rich in stem cells. Stem cells are a type of protocell which have the power to be developed into several different cells of the body.

How will this help though?

If in the future, the child needs a tissue to be replaced by new ones, his baby tooth’s stem cells can be engineered to develop into that required tissue. Now, that’s the wonder of science!

So, if parents can potentially safeguard their child’s future health just by preserving their baby teeth, why not?

Interested? Let’s learn some more about the process.

We all remember the days we used to wiggle our loose teeth before they fell off. And after it did, the empty gums were so weird to touch!

But the most memorable part was probably getting money from the tooth fairy. The concept of the tooth fairy is perhaps linked to the Norse culture in which a fallen tooth was considered a lucky charm.

Baby teeth certainly are precious. In a scientific usage, to be precise.

As per the study, the stems cells in baby teeth can be used to regenerate heart muscle cells, to treat blood and bone marrow related diseases among others. So, we can use the baby tooth for a greater purpose.

But how do we store it at all?

No, simply getting a plastic container to store the teeth for years, is not going to work. We need to conserve the stem cells properly.

If they are not preserved fresh, their power will be lost as the years go by.

Services such as Store-A-Tooth are very efficient in this matter. Speak to your dentist about your interest to preserve your child’s fallen baby teeth beforehand. Your doctor will help to see that your baby’s teeth get shipped to the Store-A-Tooth service safely.

There, the stem cells would be properly preserved for a possible future use, if required. So, it’s like a bank for stem cells!

At the Store-A-Tooth labs, the scientists will carefully extract the stem cells from the baby teeth that you’ve sent to keep. Your child’s stem cells will then be safely preserved in a nitrogen cryopreservation vault. This will keep them ready for any possible future requirement.

If situations arise and the child needs the stem cells for treatment, the stored samples can be shipped to the concerned doctor immediately.

Storing the baby’s fallen teeth is a sort of investment, indeed. But, if it can be useful in a medical emergency for your child, it’s absolutely worth it.

No wonder most of the cultures considered the baby tooth to be a lucky charm or fortune. Turns out, it really is valuable for your children and your family.