Science Shows How Amazing Barefoot Walking Affects Your Body and Mind

Earthing in its literal term means staying connected to the ground. It is also known as grounding. It requires you to place you feet directly on the ground without wearing socks, shoes or slippers. There should be absolutely no barrier between your feet and the ground. Have you ever noticed how grounded you feel after strolling barefoot along the beach? Or how invigorated you feel after playing with your kids in the grass? Well, this is the reason.

According to scientists, the earth carries negative charge in a heavy amount.  The charge emitting from the surface of the earth is said to be rich in electron, hence acting as a good supply of antioxidant and free radical destroying electrons. Connecting with the Earth—which is known to maintain a negative electrical charge—can provide the required negative ions to create balance within the body’s cells.

Dr. James Oschman who has a PhD in biology from the University of Pittsburgh has something to say about this too. According to him, he has found reports where walking bare boot on the ground has led to better health and also provided people with the feeling of well-being. Poets and writers overtime have written a lot of pieces on how walking barefoot on the ground has given them a peace of mind and serenity. However, a lot of people are also very sceptical about walking barefoot on the ground until and unless it’s out of the beach. Well, in city life, that’s pretty justified too.

In our natural state, none of us would prefer our feet covered. Placing your feet bare helps the body to get rid of all the negative energy in your body. It can also help to align our body to the same negatively charged electrical potential as the earth. In fact, research has generated evidence that connecting with the earth can reduce inflammation, lower stress levels, boosts mood, promote healthy immune system and also influence better sleep.

A study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health named “Earthing Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s surface electronsstates that grounding could help in the treatment of a lot of chronic degenerated diseases. The Developmental and Cell Biology Department at the University of California at Irvine, last year, also stated that grounding can help in the increase of facial blood flow, thus making it look glowy and fresh

How to get grounded:

Connecting your body to the Earth is a way of grounding. Most native cultures walked and slept on the Earth—and many still do. Ancient rishis even sat daily, lightly clothed, upon the ground in meditation.

Although you may forego sleeping on the ground in your backyard or meditating in a loincloth at your local park, you can still integrate a grounding practice into your daily routine. To start off with, find a natural environment. Remove your shoes and feel the ground beneath you. Keep your mind off things.

Shut all sorts of thoughts from your mind. Observe the weight of the body as it begins to shift. The hips move slightly from left to right, the core engages, and the shoulders pull back. Sync your breathing with your steps. It helps in bringing your mind and body to equilibrium. Going barefoot connects us to the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance.

When we go barefoot at the beach or swim in the ocean we share the same electrical potential as the earth and therefore submerge ourselves in the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance. These experiences reveal the peace and clarity that earthing practices (Earthing shoes & earthing sheets) bring into our life. Not to say there are not many other factors at play in this given scenario, but it’s hard to ignore some fundamental factor contributing here.

If we consider the fundamental changes in our lifestyle over the past century, what seems to have been over looked is our electrical connection to the Earth. All life has lived grounded electrically to the Earth at every point in life’s history, up until modern times. This electrical disconnect from the harmonizing rhythms of the Earth seems to have affected our bodies ability to accurately tell time. Alpha brain waves known for their synchronous electrical activity throughout our nervous system resonate at the same frequency as the Schumann resonance. This implies that our nervous system uses the Schumann resonance as a fixed reference point to help tell time and normalize the biological rhythms of the body.