Immediately Relax A Crying Baby By Using These Simple Foot Massage Techniques

Reflexology is an art form passed on from ancient times. It’s a way of using the pressure points throughout the body in order to relieve stress and alleviate pain from the body. It is becoming a common practice to use reflexology to help children, especially newborns who are just getting accustomed to the strange process of being alive in this world.

Reflexology experts advise that the baby be relaxed. It is important that they don’t feel uncomfortable or hurt during the process. It is a common advice to encourage blood flow in the body before the massage through a foot rub or a warm bath.


Here are listed six methods of helping young ones with pain.

1) Headaches or tooth aches.
Babies often suffer from headaches and toothaches. If your child is experiencing these pains, try massaging the top of their toes. This can even be done when they’re sleeping. All you have to do is rub tiny circles on the tips of their toes, be careful not to hurt their toenails!

2) Pain from sinuses.
While for adults sinus pains are plain annoying and off putting, for babies they’re downright agony. For relief try massaging the centre underside of your baby’s toes. A gentle pressure can be enough to provide relief from pain.

3) Chest pains.
Even when Chest pains are caused from congestion, relief still can be found from foot pressure points. When your child has a congested chest, relief is found on the pads of the feet. Find the spot right under the toes and above the arch and apply gentle pressure. Massage with a circular motion and it will reduce congestion and coughing problems.

4) Stomach Pain (solar plexus)
If your child is suffering from stomach upsets, spasms and troubled breathing the most effective solution would be to massage the centre of the foot below the pads of the feet where the arch begins.  The solar plexus is a collection of nerves between the lungs and the stomach. When you massage the centre of the foot, it is connected to the solar plexus and is bound to give relief.

5) Abdomen Pain (Upper and Lower)

Abdomen pain from constipation, heart burn and indigestion can be cured by massaging the space between the middle and pad of the feet.
If the baby is suffering from pains from gas and bloating in the lower intestine, you can massage between the middle of their feet and heel. This will give your child almost immediate relief.

6) Pelvis Pains
Sometimes babies grow quicker than their body is ready to adjust with. This causes pains in the hips. Rubbing on the heel is the best way to solve this trouble. The heel is also an effective pressure point for curing constipation and stomach upsets. All you need to do is apply pressure in a gentle stroking motion on the back of their feet for relief.

If the pain is too serious, then consulting a medical practitioner is imperative, however the little everyday aches and pains can be solved with reflexology. This is a simple remedy for helping your child while going through the troubles of growing up.