Which Type Of Mother You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

At the age of 9, an average girl starts thinking about what her wedding attire should be. By 17, she starts setting rules for herself for the kind of mother she aspires to be and starts using statements like “when I’m going to be a mom I’ll blah blah blah”. It’s downright astonishing how a million miles away, the stars know about the type of mother you will be/ are. It’s both, shocking and interesting at the time. If you too are excited to know the kind of mother you will be in future, continue reading.


Your wild spirit shall persist even after you become a mother. You’re going to be more like a cool mom who allows her children to explore. However, you need to maintain a strict check and make sure that a routine is set for them otherwise they shall not take other things seriously in life.


Zodiac girl Pisces

You are the kind of mother people make ideal motherhood TV shows on. You are a right balance of protective and adoring. You love your kids unconditionally and protect them exactly how much they need. You’re like a coconut, hard from the top and soft from inside.


Zodiac girl Aries

As a mom, your main aim to get the best for your kids. And by that, I mean the best of EVERYTHING.  However, you need to keep a control on this ability otherwise you might just end up overdoing it.


You as a mother have a great sense of stability. You are pretty organized in nature and are a good mix of fierce and down to earth. You decide things according to the situation.


Zodiac girl Gemini

You have a very intellectual planet ruling you, mercury. This is the reason why you’d take your child’s overall education very seriously. However, your only obstacle will be to control yourself in the tough situation. Remember, kids, learn what they see. Not what they are told. So keep a watch on your actions and words. A Lot of Gemini moms accuse their kids of having an attitude, questioning where they got it from.

Umm… from you, woman!


Zodiac girl Cancer

You’re a mushy cotton-candy kind of a mother. A nurturer by nature. You always want your kids to have the best and are always available for them. You push them to be a good human and to achieve whatever they dream of. But please remember where to draw a line for this pampering spree. It can sometimes make your kids so used to a yes that they absolutely cannot take no for an answer.


You’re a playful mother and promote your kids for all sorts of activities. However, you cannot deny that it is your sign to be the centre of attraction. Don’t push your kids too hard or else they might end up feeling incompetent.


Zodiac girl Virgo

You are a reader by nature and a lot of your parenting skills have found their source from books. Make sure you don’t become too bookish and let things come naturally.


You are always trying to keep the right balance between strictness and care. But because you have a soft interior (more than others) you are likely to fall for their tears often. Beware!


Zodiac girl Scorpio

You need time for yourself and it’s a necessity for you. Don’t be guilty of it. Just call nana home for the weekend and tadddaaa! Happy kids, happy you and happy nana.


Zodiac girl Sagittarius

You’re the next door mom. No strict living patterns. Desserts before dinner?  Yeah sure why not! Just make sure it doesn’t harm their upbringing (and stomach).


Zodiac girl Capricorn

Manners are your top most priority and you do not compromise on them. You are a giver by nature so your kids will always receive what they ask for. But they will surely be taught how to be grateful and humble.